What to Pack

What to Pack


You will be visiting Australia in mid-winter. Brisbane is subtropical and winters are cool rather than really cold. It never freezes in Brisbane but when westerly winds blow things can get chilly. If going inland from Brisbane, temperatures can often drop below freezing, even north-west of Brisbane. Southern states get much colder and much of their rain falls in winter.

Keep Warm

For Brisbane, you need a warm jacket or sweater (jumper to us), long pants or warm skirt. You probably won’t need a warm hat, gloves and scarf. You will if you are going to Sydney or other southern climes, or maybe if visiting the local mountains on a field trip.

Keep Cool 

If travelling on to tropical Queensland or Darwin you will need cooler clothes. The desert in central Australia can get very cold at night and be quite hot during the day.

Locals wouldn’t swim in the middle of winter but many visitors from colder climes do. So, bring swimming costumes and beach towels, especially if going further north pre or post-conference.

Stay Dry

Usually, our winters have clear blue skies but sometimes we do get rain. So, bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella. On field trips, you will probably need a day pack, walking boots, water bottle and sunscreen.

Stay Connected

You will need a power adaptor and do bring appliances that can handle 240-volt power. Most laptop computer chargers, battery chargers and travel hair dryers are dual voltage.