Upon Arrival

"Women’s College, University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus is located on College Rd, St Lucia QLD 4067, Australia (see Google Maps). Please be sure to download the Women's College Casual Guest Information Sheet.

Transport from Brisbane Airport

A taxi fare from Brisbane Airport to Women’s College, UQ St Lucia will cost between AUD$54-75. Your US Uber app will operate in Brisbane and Uber-X will cost about AUD$38 (at time of writing US$27) for the same journey. (Uber is not as cheap as in the USA). You can use free wi-fi at the airport to call an Uber but it’s recommended you purchase a SIM card (if you require one) before leaving the airport. See phone section on page 5.) It is possible to get the Air-train to Roma Street Station (in the Central Business District) and then transfer to a number 66 bus to the University of Queensland (UQ) Lakes Station at a cost of AUD$21.75. It is a 10 min. walk from the Lakes Station to the Women’s College.

Room check-in begins at 12:00 pm on Saturday, June 29 at Women’s College.

Final check out time is Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 10:00 am.

Q. What about late/early arrivals/departures?

A. Wait in the Women’s College Foyer; the Office opens at 08:00am.  Attendees can wait and maybe have a tea or coffee in the Dining Hall if they arrive before that. There is a night porter on duty until 11:00pm; the College then has security between 11:00pm and 06:00am.

Q. Are there laundry facilities? What is the cost?

A. Yes, there are laundry facilities and the cost is AUD$1 for the use of the washing machine + $1 for drier.  The College provides washing powder and pegs.

Q. Are any of the rooms air conditioned?

A. The dormitory rooms are not air conditioned, but the apartments are. 

Q. Are there separate desk lamps for each guest? 

A. No. Please bring your own lamp. Please refer to what to packsection under Travel.

Q. What is the mailing address when on campus?

A: Mail can be addressed: c/o The Women's College, College Road, ST LUCIA QLD 4067, Australia.  Parcels can be collected from Reception.

Q. Are there mini-fridges in the rooms?

A. No. Please bring a personal cooler for use in your room. There are no ice machines in the residence halls so plan accordingly for medicine or other personal items that must be kept cold.

Q. What is the alcohol policy?

A. Alcohol purchased from the College can only be consumed in licensed areas (around the Dining Hall).  Guests can purchase alcohol off site to consume in their room.

Q. Are there bunk beds or individual beds?

A. Most rooms have twin-sized beds configured for double occupancy, although six rooms have double beds. If you have mobility concerns or other physical needs, please indicate this on your registration form to ensure fully accessible rooms are specifically reserved.

Q. How many beds are in each room?

A. Most rooms have twin beds configured for double occupancy, although six rooms have double beds.

Q. Are extra pillows/blankets available?

A. Basic bed linens, towels and a pillow are provided for each bed. Please ask the attendant in the residence hall to provide any additional linens. Please refer to what to pack section under travel.

Q. Are there fitness facilities or pools available to use? What is the cost?

A. There is a swimming pool fairly close to the College.  Cost is AU$6.50.  They open at 04:30am and close at 8:00pm Monday to Thursday, Friday they close at 6.30pm, Saturday 05.30am - 7:00pm, and Sunday 07:00am - 16:00pm.

Q. Are children allowed as guests? What is their fee? Is it permissible to bring air mattresses for them to sleep on rather than pay for an extra bed?

A. Yes. Parents must register and pay full room and board rates for any minor guests. All children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a registered conference Summer Guest or parent at all times while on campus due to safety considerations. 

Q. If I’m paying for housing, do I still have to pay for my meals? 

A. No, all dining hall meals are included in the fee for lodging."