Registration FAQ



Q. Where is Women’s College, UQ St. Lucia and how do I get there

A. Women’s College, University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus is located on College Rd, St Lucia QLD 4067, Australia (see Google Maps).

Transport from Brisbane Airport

A taxi fare from Brisbane Airport to Women’s College, UQ St Lucia will cost between AUD$54-75. Your US Uber app will operate in Brisbane and Uber-X will cost about AUD$38 (at time of writing US$27) for the same journey. (Uber is not as cheap as in the USA). You can use free wi-fi at the airport to call an Uber but it’s recommended you purchase a SIM card (if you require one) before leaving the airport. See phone section on page 5.) It is possible to get the Air-train to Roma Street Station (in the Central Business District) and then transfer to a number 66 bus to the University of Queensland (UQ) Lakes Station at a cost of AUD$21.75. It is a 10 min. walk from the Lakes Station to the Women’s College.

Q. Do I have to be a professional illustrator to attend?

A. No. The conference is open to anyone interested in the field of scientific illustration.

Q. Are animals allowed?

A. No pets are allowed. Service animals are allowed with proper paperwork.

Q. Can you ship me my conference merchandise?

A. No. Ask a friend to pick up a t-shirt for you!


Q. What should I bring for wireless connections? Are all the rooms set up the same for wireless?

A. Wireless internet access is also available in all Women’s College areas. Further information regarding wireless coverage and network access is available online at


Q. When does registration open?

A. Registration opens APRIL 10, 2019 in the US and APRIL 11, 2019 in Australia. There will be a link to the online registration form on the Registration page and the Home page of the conference website.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The conference is separated into sections and options, so you can attend as much or as little as you like. You can also purchase additional admissions to selected events for your guests. See the Price Overview.

Q. I want to bring my significant other/partner/spouse/BFF/entire family. Can they stay with me on campus?

A. Yes! They will be considered guests and are welcome to sign up for campus housing/dining and for evening events. Please review the Guest Policy page.

Q. How can I register?

A. You must register online.  There will be a link to the online registration form on the Registration page and the Home page of the conference website.

Q. How can I take advantage of the early bird discount?

A. Simply register before 11:59pm PDT on May 17, 2019 (US) / 11:59pm EST May 18, 2019 (AUS). You will receive a $100 discount for 3-day core registration.

Q. What is included in the core full conference fee?

A. The core full conference fee includes your pass to attend:

Q. What is the difference between core FULL registration and core DAY registration?

A. Core FULL registration is the full packet for all Sun-Wed events. If you choose to attend 1 or 2 days, you can register separately for a smaller fee by selecting Core DAY registration.

Q. Do I have to pay separately for Field trips and Workshops?

A. Yes. Field trips and Workshops are a la carte and are priced individually.
Q. Can I just sign up for workshops and field trips?

A. No, workshops and field trips are open to core conference attendees and their guests only. Minimum one-day core conference registration is required to take part of workshops and field trips.
Q. Can I drive myself and meet the group at field trip sites?

A. No, pre-registration is required.