Guest Policy

Who is a "Guest"? "Guests" are conference attendee's family/spouse/partner/friend who want to travel with the attendee but not necessarily attend the conference. Guests are welcome to join a registered attendee for the conference.

Guests signing up to stay on campus housing are automatically assigned to a room with the registered attendee unless otherwise notified.

A double room typically has 2 twin beds. If a registered attendee is bringing more than one guest, additional guests will be staying in separate rooms. No roller beds are available. If there are an odd number of people (ex. 1 registered attendee + 2 guests), the GNSI Conference Housing Coordinator will assign a roommate to fill the second bed.

Each guest must pay for each night they plan to stay on campus housing.

Housing/dining may be joined by conference venue requirements. If so, guests are eligible to eat meals at dining halls for the days they are staying on campus.

Guests may attend all or select evening events with the purchase of a guest ticket. Attendees can sign their guests up for the evening events at registration. Each event is ticketed separately a la carte. Guest tickets are not available for purchase after Regular Registration ends.

Guests are also welcome to sign up for workshops and field trips. Attendees can sign up their guests for Field Trips and Workshops when they register for the conference. Guests and registered attendee are not required to take same workshops/field trips.

Example: GNSI member April is bringing her husband Ben and her sister-in law Christine. They decide to stay on campus, and all three of them will pay the housing/meal fee for each day they decide to stay. Since each dorm room can only hold 2 people, they will reserve 2 rooms.

Ben will telework/walk around campus during the day and meet April for meals. Ben will need to pay for all meals on campus (which are selected individually by day: morning tea + lunch = $21 AUD; dinner = $18 AUD) and separately for the banquet ($60AUD). Most evening social events will not have food served, so it is recommended that guests purchase the dinner meal in the dining hall prior to attending an evening event.

April wants to take a watercolor workshop. Ben wants to go to the arboretum and hiking. Christine wants to go hiking and take an animal drawing class. They do not have to go to same workshop/events. They will pay for each workshop/field trip and submit their choices along with payment when April fills out her registration form.